"It is our responsibility, as citizens and educators, to provide the information that will help people understand why it is important to preserve, recreate, and interpret prairies."

Educational Resources in Environmental Science (ERES) is a not-for-profit organization that interprets the natural and cultural landscape and engages in projects that contribute to environmental dignity.

ERES uses the combined disciplines of art, education and science in formal and informal settings to bring people into closer contact with the habitat of all creatures including humans.

ERES is especially interested in preserving some of the last remnants of prairie in East-Central Illinois, in the heart of the American Midwest. It has done this to a large extent by fostering agencies that are involved in the preservation of this fast dwindling ecosystem.

ERES fosters environmental quality and upgrade through awareness, involvement and action.

Created in 1969, ERES began with the expressed purpose of providing environmental and ecological information and support services. It has expanded to provide leadership training and curriculum improvement services to the citizens, students, and teachers of the region. Many of our activities extend beyond the region of East-Central Illinois.

ERES is involved in a broad range of cultural, social, economic, and aesthetic aspects of the "human" environment as well as with the physical and biological aspects of the "natural" environment. ERES has a holistic approach which includes many interacting factors.

ERES regards environmental education as a process that leads to a citizenry sensitive to its environment, actively involved in its concerns and focussed on the solution of environmental problems now and in the future. Environmental education as practiced by ERES includes a simultaneous interplay of awareness, involvement, and action, and finance.

David Monk, Executive Director and President
115 North Market Street
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: (217) 351-1911 and (217) 356-5292