Involvement with Intention

Action implies something beyond participation.... the ability to assess needs, make decisions and take action toward the solution of specific environmental problems. Not everyone will want to stand in front of a bulldozer but when the occasion arises we hope that at least some of our associates will be willing and able to intervene. ERES hopes that it will have helped provide clients with the resources to understand the situation and take reasonable and courageous but not too outrageous action.

ERES believes that one of its most important roles is to assist groups and individuals who wish to create and sustain environmental programs activities that will, have a multiplier and in-perpetuity effect. Examples of this type of work include:

  • Early work with the preservation and interpretation of Urbana's Busey Woods.
  • Early work with the preservation and restoration of the Urbana Greek Revival Cottage.
  • The purchase and utilization of 33-mile of Heartland Pathway rail corridor for prairie preservation and rail-trail activities.
  • The acquisition and utilization of 25 acres of Sangamon River forest for educational and recreational purposes.
  • ERES is also involved in ecological, educational, scientific, and planning bodies that are active at the state and national level in our fields of interest.

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