Finances, Work Force, and Membership

In its ability to make dreams a reality, ERES is only as strong as the people who create it. This includes all those who participate in various ERES activities, who donate time and money to buy needed equipment, and support service.

Because the possibilities exceed available resources, ERES stands in great need of public support. Aside from challenges that require financing, volunteer assistance is always needed to maintain and burn the prairie and assist in other tasks such as seed harvesting and railroad Right Of Way maintenance. To help broaden plant diversity, more volunteers are needed to harvest and plant prairie seeds. Assistance is also needed in restoration of sites used for the processing of prairie seeds and demonstration sites used for interaction with local community members. As more groups come to experience the prairie, increasing numbers of volunteers will be needed to serve as tour guides. One of our most interesting prairie demonstrations has been a small urban prairie located near the ERES storefront in downtown Champaign.

Members of ERES contribute a minimum of $25 per year ($10 for student members and senior citizens). Member benefits include invitations to scheduled hikes and other outings. While many members make substantial financial contributions, others contribute innumerable hours of effort, maintaining local prairie sites, introducing visitors to the prairie, and helping with the ongoing work.

        ERES Membership

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        115 N. MARKET ST.
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To become a Member, please download the membership form and mail it along with your contribution to the ERES office at 115 North Market Street, Champaign, 61820, and you'll be on the list. With strong local support, ERES can sustain its record of success.

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