In its ability to make dreams a reality, Heartland Pathways is only as strong as the people who create it, who donate time and money to buy the needed equipment, who help support the Champaign office, and who help acquire land.

Because the possibilities far exceed available resources, Heartland Pathways stands in great need of public support. The aged equipment used to maintain the pathways needs repair or replacement. Vital work, delayed for lack of funds to rent necessary construction and transport vehicles, cries out for financial backing. Having sufficient funds to acquire more land is always difficult, given the fertility of Illinois soil and the growing pressures of suburban development. Aside from challenges that require financing, volunteer assistance is always needed to maintain the trail and burn the prairie. To help with ongoing efforts to broaden plant diversity, more volunteers are needed to harvest and plant prairie seeds. As more groups come to experience Heartland Pathways, increasing numbers of volunteers will be needed to serve as tour guides.

Members of Heartland Pathways contribute a minimum of $25 per year ($10 for student members and senior citizens). Member benefits include the Heartland Pathways newsletter and invitations to scheduled hikes and other outings, including participation in the many rewarding tasks that support the trail and its natural areas stewardship. While many members make substantial financial contributions, others contribute innumerable hours of effort, watching over the trail, introducing visitors to its attractions, and helping with the ongoing work.

	Heartland Pathways Membership

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To become a Member, send your contribution to the Heartland Pathways office, 115 North Market Street, Champaign, 61820, and you'll be on the list. With strong local support, Heartland Pathways can sustain its record of success.

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